education is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your future. at warner pacific university, we want to make sure that you have access to the resources you need to achieve your dream of earning a degree.

warner pacific university has been serving adult learners since 1989, so we understand the unique challenges you may face in financing your education. whether this is the first school you’ve attended, or if we are working with you to cross the finish line in a journey you started at another institution, we are here to help.

葡京体育开户don’t let fears about money get in the way of your dreams! we are here to answer all of your questions about financial aid and the student loan process with personalized, step-by-step instructions.

Questions? Call Student Financial Services at 503.517.1091 or email.

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Tuition and Fees

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees – Professional and Graduate Studies

Payment Policies

Payment Information

葡京体育开户to ensure accurate processing of payments, please include your seven-digit student id number along with the applicable course number or course name.

payments may be made by:

  1. Submitting an online payment on under Student Accounts, Pay on My Account. Payments can be made by e-check and all major credit cards.
  2. Visiting the Cashier’s Desk in Egtvedt Hall on the Tabor Campus (cash, check or credit cards accepted in person)
  3. Phoning in a credit/debit card payment to 503-517-1207 (only VISA, MasterCard & Discover)
  4. Mailing checks to Warner Pacific University; Attn: Office of Student Financial Services; 2219 SE 68th Ave; Portland, OR 97215

Credit Cards Accepted

visa, mastercard, discover and american express are accepted online at and discover, visa and mastercard are accepted for payments made by phone.

Changing Payment Plan Options

the primary payment plan option may be changed while attending the warner pacific university’s professional and graduate studies program provided the student account is in good standing. in order to change plans, the student must contact the office of student financial services and complete the appropriate financial agreement. all changes must be approved by warner pacific university.

Late Fees

unpaid balances are subject to a 1.5% service charge each month the balance remains unpaid. to avoid late fees, payments must be made by the first day each course starts. this applies to any balance not covered by a financial aid, tuition deferment, or a direct billing plan.

Returned Check/Credit Card Fees

all returned checks or credit cards are assessed an additional $25 processing fee. if the account is delinquent when the check or credit card is returned, service charges plus a declined credit card or returned check fee will be charged to the student’s account. warner pacific university reserves the right to charge returned check or credit card fees and service charges at any time.

Failure to Pay

葡京体育开户failure to complete payment of tuition and fees by the specified due date may result in administrative withdrawal from the program beginning with the student’s next scheduled course. students administratively withdrawn from the university for financial reasons are responsible for paying their account in full before they may be re-admitted.

Requesting Financial Aid Excess Funds

If your financial aid award exceeds your cost of tuition, fees, and books, you may be eligible to receive excess funds. Check your student account three weeks after you begin classes in the term to see if funds have posted to your student account. If funds have posted to your account, Student Financial Services will audit your account and automatically refund excess funds within 14 days of the funds being posted. Refunds will be directly deposited to your bank account (look for an email from a few days after your financial aid has been posted to set up your direct deposit information), or a check will be mailed to the address on record. Please allow the full 14 days for processing before calling to check the status of your refund.

 PLEASE NOTE: 葡京体育开户All refunds are an estimated amount. Changes to the cost of books, withdrawing, dropping, or adding classes after you have received your excess funds may create a balance due to Warner Pacific University.

Grade Release

grades are released for paid courses only (exceptions may be made for tuition deferred students), and only if an academic degree plan has been completed with the student’s academic advisor before the end of the second course in the student’s program. transcripts are not issued until the student’s account has been cleared.


withdrawing from a course may result in a student owed balance payable to warner pacific university. please refer to the attendance policy in the pgs bulletin and in the course syllabus.

葡京体育开户note: withdrawing from a course or changing the academic calendar may reduce or eliminate a financial aid award. please consult with an academic advisor and financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing from courses.

Textbook Policy

warner pacific university is committed to making a university education as accessible and affordable as possible. in addition to keeping tuition and fees low, the university is committed to keeping the cost of textbooks and instructional materials affordable while simultaneously ensuring that students in the accelerated adult learning program have dependable and timely access to those materials.

葡京体育开户in order to provide professional and graduate studies (pgs) students with maximum dependability and affordable choices, wpu has chosen to partner with tree of life bookstores. the partnership with tree of life allows for two important things: (1) students receive the correct books, on time, automatically, and (2) students may select purchasing options that allow them to better manage their financial resources.

because the pgs is an accelerated degree program (courses run on a continuous cycle, two to seven weeks at a time, as contrasted with a 15-week traditional semester), having the correct textbooks and materials in time to prepare for class is of critical importance. students who do not have the appropriate materials before class quickly fall behind, negatively impacting their odds for success and potentially that of their learning team. in addition, tree of life offers auto-fulfillment, meaning that the book order is triggered by course registration, and therefore students are not required to do anything after registration (assuming they have established their preferences) in order to have the books shipped directly to them, in time for class.

葡京体育开户partnering with tree of life also provides better financial control to students. tree of life is able to provide students with competitive pricing on new books but also provides lower-cost used book and rental options. students may review their options and make informed decisions about the kinds of books they will purchase through tree of life’s comprehensive website ( (note that tree of life makes every effort to honor those preferences, but due to fluctuations in the supply, fulfilling preferences is not always guaranteed.) more information is also available through tree of life’s customer service line (888.392.2930). pgs admission counselors and/or academic advisors are available to assist with other questions.

students who believe they have extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to the textbook policy should appeal to the office of the associate vice president for academic affairs.